1. During surgery Arthocare wand should be connected to a very good suction apparatus compulsorily.

  2. Connect the wand to saline as Coblation works only with saline assistance.

  3. The re-usage of wands may spoil the System by indicating wand errors during surgery, leading to interruption in the case.

  4. Reusage of wand will lead to erosion of wand electrode which in turn lead to reduce the resistance, increased output delivery and creates problem to internal board of the system

  5. Kindly take good care of the foot pedal as accessories are not covered under warranty. Clean/wipe the food pedal after every case or cover the same while using the system.

  6. Flush the wand if you come across the blockage.

  7. Ablate the wand keeping it away from the tissue if you find smoke coming out while operating.

  8. If the Quantum II System displays WAND ERROR during the surgery, the system has to go for servicing at Arthrocare, USA for rectification. This process of sending the systems and getting it back will take 6-8 weeks.

  9. The Expenditure involved in servicing the system is very high, Please take this as an awareness point in a positive manner and we will give full support to our esteemed customers as a company.