Error Messages

Fault/Error Fault Description LCD Message
Error Both CUT/COAG buttons pressed simultaneously E1:Cut and Coag simultaneously activated
Error Wand disconnected while RF active E2: Wand disconnected
Error Use-limiting time expired E3: Wand error
Error Shorted Wand E4: Wand Short
Error Re-used Wand detected E5: Wand error
Error Open Thermocouple circuit E6: Open Thermocouple
Error Re-used Wand detected E7: Wand error
Error Controller powered on with re-used wand E8: Wand error
Fault Integrity of stored program compromised F1: Hardware failure
Fault computer memory failure F2: No LCD message can be displayed
Fault System Control Failure F3: Hardware failure
Fault Internal power Failure F4: Hardware failure
Fault Internal Electronic Failure F5: Hardware failure
Fault Footswitch, fingerswitch or front panel switch pressed during Power on F6: Switch stuck on
Fault Over temperature of internal electronics F7:Internal overtemp